Summer Vibe Drum Kit


Summer Vibe Drum Demo - Abel Beats
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Old School West Coast - Abel Beats
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Released 6.15.18

Crunchy claps and banging kicks are the highlight of this kit but it also features many percussion sounds and west coast drum loops to get you going. While this kit was made for the west coast genre, it is great for multiple genres as well. Also included is14 west coast presets for the VST "u-he Tyrell N6" (link included in the kit) that will compliment your beats with funky leads and saws. Listen to some samples below 
("Old School West Coast" was made completely using this entire kit).

Contents in this kit contain:

• 58 Claps
• 55 Kicks
• 50 Snares
• 26 Hi Hat Shots (6 Loops)
• 12 Drum Loops
• 50 Percussion Sounds

  45 Sound FX
• 14*VST Presets (u-he Tyerell N6)

​ Requirements:

 480mbs of free space.

*Link to u-he Tyrell N6 is provided in kit

 All WAV drum files CAN be used in any DAW software. 

Released 6.20.17

Producer Essentials Pt. II


Crip Side - Junior Beats
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Low Key - Abel Beats x Stevie Nickxx
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The Producer Essentials Part II is here! Now with over 230 HQ WAV kicks, snares, claps and loops! Months of work into this kit to create a much more improved and superior kit for producers. All hand crafted sounds perfect for producers looking to replicate that golden west coast sound. But this kit is not just limited to west coat hip hop as it is perfect for boom bap hip hop, urban R&B and even a few sounds for trap. 

Take a listen to samples below.

Contents in this kit contain:

• 45 Claps
• 39 Kicks
• 40 Snares
• 25 Hi Hat Shots (7 Loops)
• 10 Crash & Cymbals
• 19 Flex A Tone & Triangles
• 12 Drum Loops
• 15 Percussion Sounds

• 51 Sound FX

•  5  808s

​ Requirements:


 660 MB of free space.

 All WAV drum files CAN be used in any DAW software. 

Producer Essentials


Cidewayz - Abel Beats
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Focus - Abel Beats
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Released 8.05.16

The Producer Essentials Drum Kit is loaded with over 125 HQ WAV crispy clean kicks, snares, claps and loops! Put the spotlight on your beats with these custom sounds that CANNOT be heard anywhere else! If you are a veteran producer who is looking to beef up your kicks and snares with superb sounds, this is the drum kit for you. New to music production? Then this is kit is perfect for you as you begin stocking up on sounds and gaining respect and an audience for your sound! Though most of the sounds are predominately West Coast, the kit does contain a "Trap Sounds" folder, many Hip Hop Soul drums and can even be used for R&B.

Contents in this kit contain:

• 25 Claps
• 20 Snares
• 20 Kicks
• 15 FX
• 12 Loops ( 7 Instrument Loops & 5 Drum Loops)
• 11 Hats ( Open and Closed)
• 8 Instrument Sounds
• 1 "Trap Melody" MIDI Session for FL studio
• 1 "Hip Hop" Track out session 
• 1 "Trap Sounds" Mini Folder (
9 808s. 2 Claps.

       2 Snares. 1 Crash. 2 Hi Hats. 2 Open Hats)

• 1 "How to import drumkits into FL Studio" mp4 video.


 225 MB of free space.

 Midi session requires FL Studio 10 or above.

 All WAV drum files CAN be used in any DAW software. 

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