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I get asked a lot about which VSTs I use in my beats. So I wanted to take a little time to write a few here and hope this is beneficial to some newer or even veteran producers.

And to get one thing out of the way, I AM NOT A TECHNICAL PRODUCER. Basically if the plugin I am using sounds good, I can tweak sounds and is easy to navigate, I am rolling with it. Simple. I don’t really care for the technical side of how many oscillators, CPU (somewhat) or anything of that nature. Its probably something I should further my knowledge in, but until then I just go with what sounds good. *Kanye shrug*

As of right now (as well as the last year or so) U-He Diva has been my favorite, must have VST. Diva is a plugin that I cannot go without because of the many choices in presets it has built in, I think around 1,100 or so. That is not including other preset kits that sound designers out there making, and at most times free of cost. Plus its you can also get to tweaking those knobs to create your own sounds. So a huge sound library straight from the jump is dope. Next, many of its sounds are similar to a minimoog which was used in a lot of funk songs that carried over to west coast & g funk music. Synth sounds are crazy in this plugin, really powerful and “fat” or “full” sounding. Lastly, its so easy to navigate. You have your patches in clear sight, knobs with clear labels and you can easily turn on or off the effects all from one view. So that helps me out a lot. The price of Diva is $179 from their website but if you go to www.sweetwater.com

you can break up the payments into 3, so you'll pay about $55 a month for 3 months. Once the final payment is complete, you now own it fully!

My next go-to VST would be Purity by Luxonix. I will admit I am still using a cracked version ( I believe it is cracked) that I got from a friend in 2009! So it is pretty old, probably around 2007 or so. But anyways back to the plugin, this is one of my favorites because of its’ ease of us. Being this was my first ever VST I was able to move around and pull up sounds like if I had used it before. They have normal sounds from pianos, strings, woodwinds all the way to arp synths and synth leads. A big variety of sounds and really low on CPU. You can put 20 of these all on the same track and will run smoothly.

Now Sylenth1 was at one point was my must have plugin (still is a must have, but Diva has topped it). It features so many sounds! If you google Sylenth1 presets, you will get so many results, its crazy. And that is also the other side of it, Sylenth1 is so overused now days by everybody and its so easy to get a hold of the cracked version. I still bought it because I really do enjoy it and it does not hurt to keep it in my arsenal, but a few years ago I remember hearing so many songs with the sounds that came from that VST ...really made me not want to use it. So I stopped using it for a bit and moved on to others (Diva & Serum), eventually I had forgotten about it. So I do not use as much as I do the others...but!..Forgetting about all the over saturated shit, Sylenth1 is still a beast! Like I mentioned, there are a shitload of sounds that come with it already, plus sound designers are making new expansions for it everyday. Low on CPU, semi-easy to steer around without getting lost in what you are doing. Very easy to tweak and save your own presets which I love. And lastly, it you are like me, I am all about appearances and the stock Sylenth1 skin is ugly as shit! Luckily you can download others out there that are a lot better looking and pretty simple to install. Sylenth1 is priced at $189 on their website but recently have created a $10 a month system where you rent-to-own the plugin! I think other plugin vendors should have this option as well.

Some honorable mentions, Serum, U He Hive and XLN Audio Addictive Keys. And for my drum kit, you already know I use my Producer Essentials Pt.II Kit 99% of the time!

So hopefully this helps with you producers that have been asking which plugins I would suggest or that I use. Gather as many VSTs and drum kits as you can possibly get! Even if you only use 10 out of 1,000 sounds, its still better to have at reach then to not have it at all.

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