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So I have started the new payment plan option for artist that would love to purchase exclusive rights to a beat without having to unload hundreds of dollars at once. The feature is not new to me, I have done this with a few artist in the past, but this is new to my website and new artist that come to the site.

So what is it? You rent to own full exclusive rights to an instrumental... That's it. No hidden fees or any bullshit. You pay on time for your beat until its paid off you, you then own the beat. You don't finish paying it off, you don't own it and somebody else has the option of subscribing to that same beat and making payments. Please read the full agreement here.

Instead of paying $500 upfront for an exclusive, you can choose a payment plan that best fits you whether it be weekly payments or monthly payments (no bi-weekly option as of now). This is a great opportunity for artist that really have faith in their music but have other bills and responsibilities where you can't drop $500 upfront but can definitely work with $100 a month or whatever option is available.

I started doing this because as a producer I wish more music instrument vendors/companies and sound designers would have a rent to own installments. I don't have the money to drop $700+ to drop on the latest keyboard or whatever is out now. But I know me, being a honest and trustworthy person, could make a $150 monthly payment to pay it off in 5 months. So that is the big reason on why I have started this Payment Subscription program, to give artist a chance to pay increments on high quality instrumentals.

So this is just a quick a little blog/announcement about the new feature to the website. I really believe this could be beneficial to artist out there with this new feature I like I stated in the few paragraphs above. I really do not gain anything from extra money, no exposure... . This is simply me looking from the eyes of an up and coming artist that is on a budget and i was trying to figure out what I could I do to help you a bit. This is my option.

If you have any questions regarding this new program feature or anything else at all, shoot me a text 520-827-6850.

-Abel Beats


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